Cypher Extracts CBD Cartridge 500mg

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cypher cbd

 1:1 CBD OIL

“Now Available in our CHROAM.CART Half Gram cartridges for your 510 thread pens, in SATIVA “Rise” and INDICA “Recline” flavor blends. Clearly, CBD doesn’t have the same amount or degree of cognitive effects as THC, but the two can be administered together to create a balance. Adding CBD can mitigate a strong THC strain’s high psychoactive properties.” – Cypher Extracts

Each is $34.00.

Calibis 500mg cartridge

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  • Wickless Ceramic coil that gives off a cleaner hit, better taste with the perfect temperature.
  • Clean THC distillate
  • Longer lasting cartridge that burns twice as long  with a stronger potency.

Available in:

The Critical (95.14% total cannabinoids)

Jack Here (93.14% total cannabinoids)

Blue Dream (87% total cannabinoids)

Banana Og (95.14% total cannabinoids)

Blackberry Pomegranate (84.03% total cannabinoids)

Pear OG (84.03% total cannabinoids)

OG Punch (84.03% total cannabinoids)

Lemon Cherry Kush (84.03% total cannabinoids)

Bubba Berry (84.03% total cannabinoids)

Each for $38.25